Since 1969, Aire Plan International has worked with U.S. exporters to service their export needs. Aire Plan offers assistance with the documentation and coordination of your export shipments. Whatever the level of your company's export expertise, the comprehensive and experienced service offered by Aire Plan will move your freight more efficiently and with just a telephone call, fax, or e-mail. Think of Aire Plan as a transparent liaison between you and your international customers.

Some Facts To Consider:

  • Having a Letter of Credit does not guarantee payment
  • 50-75% of all L/C presentations for payment contain non-conforming documents
  • Each presentation of non-conforming documents delays your payment and costs you additional fees
  • Conforming documents equal payment
  • Form and appearance can be more important that substance
  • The bank's primary obligation centers on presentation of conforming documents - not factual documents

You, the beneficiary, are responsible. Yet the opening bank sets the rules, you prepare some of the documents, others (forwarders, carriers, consular officials, inspection firms) prepare some of the documents, and the advising bank interprets the documents. Aire Plan can help ensure clean documents and fast payment.

After you have gone to the trouble of locating a customer,negotiating an acceptable price, and arrived at a workable solution for payment, now you must prepare a complete set of documents which will be acceptable to the U.S. Government for exporting purposes, to the carrier for shipment purposes, to the bank for payment purposes, and to the buyer for clearance and delivery purposes.

Aire Plan can assist you putting all of these pieces together.


Aire Plan will arrange all details for moving an export shipment from your dock to your international customer. Aire Plan will negotiate rates with carriers or we can use your existing forwarder or carrier. From preparation of export documents, to instructions for the carrier, to tracking the movement and arrival of the cargo, Aire Plan will act on your behalf to make sure your shipments move on schedule, efficiently and economically.

Call Aire Plan before your next shipment is ready to move. Give us an opportunity to show you how you will benefit by using Aire Plan, your On-Call Export Department