How Aire Plan can Help Ensure Clean Documents and Fast Payment

Aire Plan will prepare the documents usually prepared by you.

Aire Plan will advise the other involved parties (forwarders, carriers, consular officials, inspection firms) how to prepare their documents to ensure conformity and consistency.

Aire Plan will present the documents to the bank and will ensure that these documents conform to the L/C requirements.

Aire Plan can utilize the services of your usual forwarder, trucker, or carrier. We will help them serve you better.

All documents will be prepared in your name - at no time will Aire Plan have access to your funds.

Benefits to you and your firm:

  • Payment will be received faster.
  • Elimination of discrepancy charges will increase your net payment.
  • You will realize more return on your investment if your payments are received quickly.
  • Eliminate the necessity of having to employ a documentary letter of credit expert.
  • Immediate review of L/C upon receipt to identify any inherent problems.
  • Employees no longer must spend time and effort handling each phase of L/C preparation giving them more time to accomplish other duties.
  • Better relationship with your bank due to elimination of problems.
  • Better service from your forwarder or carrier because they now know exactly what you need for each shipment.